We are now in a world where technology is accessible to everyone and most businesses will have a website. Whilst the list of great things that technology does for businesses now is endless, there are always going to be cons. In this modern world there are now more online security risks than ever. Websites that aren’t effectively protected face the largest risks so it is important that you take the right measures. In this blog we will be talking about SSL Certificates and how they can benefit your website!


What are SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). These certificates are used to create secure encrypted connections between a web browser and a web server. When you get an SSL certificate on your website, the first difference you’ll notice is the URL changing from http:// to https:/, displaying the padlock icon.

If your website displays pages with sensitive information such as social media, e-commerce, contact forms or online payments, an SSL Certificate is required to be used. This will ensure your website and its contents are fully secure. Your customers are likely to be reassured when they see the padlock icon as it reminds them that their sensitive information is safe and encrypted.

The Benefits of SSL Certificates

Having SSL certificates on your website will allow you to accept credit card payments from your customers safely. As well as simply being able to receive payments, you’ll also ensure people are more likely to want to make purchases on your website without any worries at all.

Another great new benefit of SSL certificates is that your website will automatically end up higher in the search engine rankings. This is because of Google’s algorithm change, which means websites with an SSL certificate will be ranked higher than those without. This will result in increased web traffic for your business.


Here at Abyte Computer Solutions we offer SSL certificates for 3 years coverage, plus installation starting at £75. For more information please call us on 01388 330985 or visit www.abyte.co.uk