In the modern world there are more risks to data than ever, leading businesses to taking a range of measures to ensure their data is protected. For a business, loss of data can be catastrophic, with a whole host of consequences possible. Here at Abyte Computer Solutions we offer data backup services to companies around the North East. In this blog we are going to be explaining just some of the reasons why it is so important to backup your data.

Human Error
The most common cause for loss of data is human error. Naturally people do make mistakes, in fact small errors occur all the time. In the event that an employee accidently deletes a file which is needed, it doesn’t have to be a huge deal. If your data is effectively backed-up, you’ll be able to get your important file back with ease.

Data Disasters
By not having your data backed-up, you are increasing the risk of a data disaster. A 2007 University of Texas study found that 43 percent of businesses that suffer major data loss never reopen! With ransomware becoming increasingly common in the modern day, multiple backups can be required to ensure you are able to go back in time to something that is not infected. These threats can be simply avoided by having your data backed-up. This will keep your peace of mind and also ensure your business can easily survive a large loss of data.

Doing Work Twice
Even if a loss of data hasn’t had serious consequences, it can mean a great deal of extra work for your employees. This can use up valuable time and also lower morale within your team as there is nothing worse than having to do the same job all over again. In a worst-case scenario where you suffer a major data loss, you could end up having to re-do everything you’ve ever done, a situation few companies survive.

Enterprise-grade backups
We can offer the ideal solutions through enterprise-grade backup packages to ensure your business remains safe from threats such as ransomware. Options which we provide include weekly backups for a month, monthly backups for a year and yearly backups depending on your situation. We can also retain daily backups for a week, providing a perfect short-term solution to help businesses return to their previous state before data loss.

With Abyte Computer Solutions’ data backup service, your data will always be safe. For more information call us on 01388 330985 or visit