Making regular backups of files will help to protect both customers and your organisations information. Data backup allows files and information to be stored elsewhere so they can be restored if the original copies of data were lost or stolen. All business should carry out regular backups as they are key to preventing network disasters. In this blog we are going to discuss the importance of backup services.

Ransomware Can Hit At Any Moment

A ransomware attack poses a huge risk on any business. If your business was attacked by malware, a software that is created to cause damage to a server or computer, the network that all of your business’s devices are connected to and the information available will become encrypted. This can lead to you becoming locked out of the network. To stop the hacker from gaining any information or data you may be asked to pay a fee. Small businesses are usually prime targets of ransomware attacks as they often have lower levels of security. Keeping your systems backed up can help you to avoid paying the ransom and restore the data before it was infected.

Natural Disasters May Occur

Natural disasters may not be too common however if they do happen there is a high chance that not only devices are ruined, but you lose data and information. Flooding is one of the more common natural disasters and if your office or work premises were to flood, devices would become waterlogged and data would be lost. If the data is backed up to the cloud or a drive, you are able to retrieve the data and information.

Any accidental damage that may have been caused by an employee unintentionally could result in data being lost. If they were to drop a device and it was not able to be repaired the data and information stored will be lost unless it was backed up to the cloud or a hard drive. A break in could also lead to the loss of files. If someone with a malicious intention were to gain access to the premises, they may be able to bypass passwords and security measures and delete files or tamper with data.

Electrical surges can occur from lightening. If the electrical voltages increase too much, they can fry your device, leaving you with nothing. If lightening were to strike your building, a fire may start and if it spreads throughout it will destroy your devices and equipment meaning your data and information would be gone. However, there is only a million to one chance that this could happen if lightening were to occur.

Backing up your files is so important. At Abyte, we can help make sure your data and information is safe with copies for if the worst were to happen. For more information about the services we offer, visit our website or call us on 01388 330985.