Here at Abyte Computer Solutions we work with lots of different customers including businesses, schools, the general public and more. For all of these different customers there are varying needs and desires, meaning different devices can be better suited than others. In this blog we are going to be taking a look into which type of computer device may be the best for your needs.


Laptops are by far the most mobile option when it comes to computers. For any profession which includes travelling, laptops tend to be the best option to ensure you can take your work with you wherever you go. Whilst not always as powerful or well-equipped as desktop PC’s, a laptop is great for anyone who regularly needs to finish off work whilst on the move.

Desktop PC

If your work involves activities on the computer which are going to use a lot of data and power, we would always recommend going for a desktop PC. A PC has the capability to cope with certain tasks with ease, whilst the very same tasks could slow down a laptop and result in it crashing. PC’s are also much easier to maintain in the long run so even if the cost is higher, a quality PC is perfect for maximum longevity.

Custom Built Computers

If you have very specific needs in terms of your business IT activities, it could be that regular products wouldn’t be well suited. A custom-built computer could be the best possible solution for you. We can build both custom laptops and PC’s to meet your specific requirements perfectly. Whether your device is for personal or business use, we can work closely with you to build something completely unique.

Abyte Computer Solutions can both supply and build a range of computer devices. For more information give us a call on 01388 330985 or visit