E-Commerce websites can provide you with an efficient way of selling your products to customers around the world. For many businesses when a customer is interested in your products, your website will be the first place that they look. As online shopping has peaked over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, having a website where your customers can buy directly from you is much more appealing. In this blog we are going to discuss what makes a good e-commerce website.

Aesthetics & Looks

One key factor of creating an effective, easy to use e-commerce website is the way in which your products are presented to the customer. The design of your website is vital as it will portray a brand message to your customers, and this is going to have an impact on their first impression of your business. Depending on your business and the industry you are in will have an effect on how your website has been designed. For example, an online clothing retailer would like their site to be visually appealing to customers and reflect their brand.


A website should always be accessible for any customer on any device. Making sure that your website is responsive will allow customers to place orders in a timely manner from their tablet or phone. Plus, if your website isn’t laid out in an effective way or it is difficult to navigate around customers aren’t going to stay on your website long and this will increase your bounce rate. As well as your website being accessible it needs to be easy to navigate too. If your products are hard to find, then this can be off putting for customers. Always ensure that you’re your website is laid out clearly and it is easy to navigate.


A secure website is paramount. If customers are making payments through your site it needs to be safe and secure so that they know they can trust your business. For any retail stores like Amazon, they gained their customers trust with their successful security measures. High quality security measures will also prevent hackers from gaining access to your website. If an unauthorised user was to gain access to data and information about your business and customers there could be a lot of negative publicity surrounding your business.

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