We all know that when you are busy and trying to get things done to meet a deadline that taking shortcuts will help you to get there faster. That’s why (if you’re a windows user) we think it is important that you know these tips and tricks. They really will help you save time and plus it’s always good to know some tricks!

Shaken, not stirred

When you have a window that you would like to minimise you can close it without having to use the minimise tool. Simply drag the window and shake it… go on try it and you’ll be amazed. When you click and shake the other windows will minimise leaving you with a clutter free workspace. A fantastic trick to know.


Are you guilty of defaulting to this when your computer crashes? And then you open task manager to find out what the problem is? By using CTRL+SHIFT+ESC you’ll open the task manager directly and be able to troubleshoot the problem straightaway without having to wait for your computer to respond.

Lock up… instantly!

If you work from home or in a busy environment, when you are not at your desk it is important to lock your computer to make sure no one with unauthorised access can get onto your computer and find out any information. Using WIN + L will immediately lock your pc when you leave your workstation. It’s better to be safe than sorry and always make sure that you lock up than leave it open and unattended.

Save time and change multiple file names at once

Do you have many files on your desktop that you need to change the name of? Do you need the name to be the same on them all? By selecting them all and pressing F2, Windows will add a (1) or (2) to each file so you know what is what.

These tips will help you to save time and make sure that you can work as quickly as possible. At Abyte, we are proud to provide a number of Business Solutions, Computer Solutions, Web Solutions and more. Contact us on 01388 330985 for more information.