Are you sat wondering, what actually is a VPN? VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and it does what it says on the tin. It is simply a way used to connect different networks located away from each other, using security protocols that allow both the authenticity and the confidentiality of any information that travels through the VPN connection or network system. In other words, you have your own little private network that is much more secure. In this blog we will discuss some of the top benefits of using a VPN.


One reason that organisations around the world use VPN’s is how much more of a secure network they provide. Being on a VPN will ensure you are safer from the threat of hackers and many of the viruses that are very prominent on the internet these days. Working from a VPN will also mean that your data is more secure. This is because your IP address will not be public.

Remote Access

With the recent situation where many people are working from home, a VPN will allow a much smoother connection across different locations. Businesses can use a VPN to ensure their employees all have the same access to company information whilst working at home. This has been proven to significantly increase productivity, as employees won’t have to be in a particular location to access the information they need.

Online Anonymity

Online anonymity is another benefit of VPN that can lower the risk of security threats. Using a VPN, you can easily browse the internet entirely without being traced at all. This means that you are able to access websites anonymously.

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