One of the main reasons for backing up your data is to save all your files if a system crash or hard drive failure occurs. The Abyte team understand that the moment of panic when you think you have lost files or data isn’t nice and can be worrying. In this blog we are going to provide you with reasons why you should always backup your data.

Repeating Work

A loss of files and data has serious consequences of both individuals and even more so on businesses. If data and information isn’t backed up and lost if can mean much more work for employees as they must do the same work again in order to restore the data information lost. This can have a negative result on your team as it can lower their morale and will take up more time that it should have done.

Importance Of Data Back Ups

Data backups allow you to have a secure archive of information, data and files, whether that’s confidential business files, images or customer information, the back-ups will allow you to restore your device in the event of data loss. According to data recorded on World Backup Day, 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute and ransomware attacks occur every 14 seconds. Both of these can have detrimental effects on businesses and their reputation…


Not only will data loss have a negative impact on your team, it can also damage your businesses reputation. If your business isn’t seen to be able to have backups of data or is frequently loosing data due to not backing up data, this can lead customers to not trust your business with their data and information.

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