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PBX is short for private branch exchange, a private telephone network used within a business. Users of the PBX share a certain number of outside lines for making telephone calls external to the PBX. Most medium-sized and larger companies use a PBX because it’s much less expensive than connecting an external telephone line to every telephone in the organisation. In addition, it’s easier to call someone within a PBX because the number you need to dial is typically just 3 or 4 digit.


PSTN is short for Public Switched Telephone Network, which refers to the international telephone system based on copper wires carrying analoge voice data. This is in contrast to newer telephone networks base on digital technologies, such as ISDN.

Features of PSTN include:

  • Dedicated Lines
  • Each line is 64kbps (in each direction)
  • Features such as call waiting, Caller ID and so on are usually available at an extra cost
  • Can be upgraded or expanded with new equipment and line provisioning
  • Long distance is usually per minute or bundled minute subscription
  • Hardwired landline phones (those without an adapter) usually remain active during power outage

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