Quite often you hear stories of people saying they thought a legitimate business was trying to sell them something, but it turned out that it was a scam, and the business was fake, resulting in the customer losing money. In this blog we are going to provide you with our top tips for looking out for fraudsters.

A New Company Contacting You

Usually, the first thing to think when you get a call from a company is, do you know them? Are they a well-known brand? Would they be asking you for specific information if they were real. It is important to take caution when a new company is trying to get in contact with you. Whether they are contacting you online, via the phone or face to face always be wary of what they are trying to sell to you. To check that they are official, go to their website and see if they are a genuine business.

Is The Caller Hurrying You?

If a real company is looking for you and would like to talk to you about their services or products, they will never try to rush you. They will also never ask you to provide them with sensitive information or pay by a certain date. A scammer is much more likely to put you in a compromising position and push you to go through with the deal, product, or service. If you ask them if you can think about it and they push you and say they need an answer, this is a clear indication that it is not a legitimate business.

Asking For Personal Information

If your bank were to ever ring you, they will NEVER ask for your pin number or online banking passwords. If they do, you know immediately that this is a scam. Banks have several security questions they would ask you such as your mother’s maiden name to confirm your identity. We would advise that if someone is claiming to be your bank that you politely end the call and ring the official number on the bank’s website.

Always be aware of phone calls, letters and emails you receive as they may not be legitimate.

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