2020 had a huge impact on many businesses and the way they had to function. For many people they had to adapt to working from home for the first time and do everything from a distance. This put a huge strain on businesses across the world as it slowed down the time it was taking to carry out simple tasks, any questions that needed to be answered took longer than usual as you had to pick up the phone and ring a colleague or write them an email. However, thanks to modern day technology there were a number of communication platforms that allowed businesses to stay in contact and work at the same level of standard.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is more than just chatting to your colleagues. You can share files, jump on video calls to discuss questions you have, set up channels to assign work to others and so much more! Plus, when you are using Teams for a meeting you can start by chatting with others who are joining, share any files you will all need for the call. If there is a member of your team who can’t make the meeting or is absent, record the meeting and send them the recording so they can catch up on what has been missed.

Not only does Teams save you time as you don’t need to write out a new email and attach the documents, you can create Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents within Teams and share them with your coworkers in a few simple clicks.


Zoom has been a lifeline for so many in the past year. Schedule a meeting and cover all areas you need to with your colleagues. You can book a meeting for any time of the day, send a link and all be together. Not only has this been helpful for businesses but also for families for staying in contact. During lockdown, communication with loved ones, colleagues and friends was difficult but Zoom made it easier for people to stay in touch and still see others. 

Abyte Remote Support

Throughout the pandemic, Abyte have been able to offer a fantastic Remote Support service which has allowed the team to carry on supporting and helping their customers during their time of need. By downloading the Remote Support Team View, Abyte are able to dig deep and find out what the problem is with your device. Whether it be a computer, laptop or mobile phone!

For more information about the services Abyte offer, such as Business Solutions, Computer Solutions or Web Solutions, call 01388 330985 or visit: www.abyte.co.uk