Christmas is nearly upon us but loads of people still have plenty of shopping left to do! We have searched the internet and found some of the best present ideas this Christmas for the IT enthusiasts out there. We found that this year retro gifts are even more popular, and we absolutely loved some of the throwback toys and games on offer. In this blog we will be talking about some of our favourite ideas for IT themed presents this Christmas.

Floppy Disk Coasters
We may not use floppy disks in our computers anymore, but you can still put your drinks on them with the coasters that we found! We found a gift pack on Amazon where you get 5 floppy disk coasters in different colours. We think that this is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to add a retro vibe to their desk at home or work!

Retro console
Staying on the subject of throwback gift ideas, more people are opting to go for gaming consoles of the past this Christmas. Gifting someone a retro console will no doubt bring the nostalgia and lots of memories from their childhood. Options available to purchase online include the SEGA Mega Drive and the Nintendo 64.

Gaming Headset
For a gift which is slightly more modern yet hugely popular with gamers, why not buy a gaming headset! In the modern day there are more sophisticated headsets around than ever, which include quality sound and impressive effects. Modern favourites include Corsair and Razor products. These hugely enhance the gaming experience.

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