During September every year we celebrate National Coding Week. Take this week to celebrate and appreciate all of the fantastic coders who constantly find new and exciting ways to develop websites, games and much more! National Coding Week was designed with the aim to help adults and children learn extra digital skills.

Schools, colleges and businesses across the nation encourage those that have an interest in computers, robots and programming to get involved. This week is used to help build people’s confidence and skills. The first National Coding Week was held in 2014.

For many technological developments such as robots and websites, you need to tell them what to do when users press a certain button or when it gets to a certain time. The only way to do that is by coding and programming them to do these things. This is done by a list of step by step instructions that your computer, website or robot will follow to carry out the right actions.  With the right sequence of instructions, you will be able to make a robot, website or game do exactly what you need it to do.

Did you know that coding is also essential in space travel? Spacecraft engineers quite often have to use old-fashioned computers because designing new ones is a big risk for them to take and can be very costly too. NASA’s spacecraft was sent into space using a computer designed in the 1970s. it use far less code than most of today’s mobile phones.

Here at Abyte we work with code on a daily basis. Within our marketing services creating websites and when working with computers. We are proud to offer several services and solutions for businesses, computers, telecoms and much more. Contact the team in 01388 330985 or visit: www.abyte.co.uk