The internet can be a dangerous place for anyone and in the modern day there are unfortunately more people out there who wish to take advantage of you than ever. Whether you are a large business or a member of the public, these risks are always present. In this blog we will be giving you some top tips which will help you when trying to spot a scammer.

Spelling/grammar Mistakes
If you receive an email which contains spelling and/or grammar mistakes, this could be a sign that the sender isn’t who they say they are. Legitimate organisations tend to take great care with their writing and mistakes in emails are a rarity. If you spot a mistake you should take a minute to check the legitimacy of the email and only send any response if you are sure that there is no ulterior motive.

Out of the Blue Contact
With the many regulations including GDPR in place at the moment, an email which is completely out of the blue should immediately cause suspicion. Whilst the sender could have an innocent reason, it is worth being cautious. You could look up the email address to see if it matches up with other emails from the company or even call the genuine company number to ask if they have contacted you.

Vague Contact Details
Vague contact details on an email can both be a big sign of a scam but also incredibly problematic. If something does go wrong when dealing with a company, you should always have an easy way to contact them to resolve the issue in a timely manner. If contact details compromise of simply a PO box, premium rate number or mobile number, these could all be signs.

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