Any type of malware can have a detrimental effect on a business and can cause major disruptions to the system, network and how the business functions. Within seconds of a malware attack it can very easily access confidential data and information for both the business and their customers. Plus, malware has the power to delete any valuable data or information that is stored so it is important to have a backup too.

Types Of Malware

There are a number of different types of malware that can affect businesses in different ways. With technology always growing, malware attacks are constantly increasing too. The main types of malware are:

  • Virus- if you are sent an email with a virus attached, whether it is a document or a link you are asked to click, it can damage your PC and the operating system. Through one simple download or click on a link that doesn’t look real, the virus can spread through your emails and computer within minutes.
  • Ransomware- ransomware is a newer kind of malware that is catching more and more businesses out. Businesses such as banks and e-commerce stores is primarily where we see the most ransomware attacks. The hackers can often demand money to users to unlock their files or try to trick you and say if you don’t click the link there will be a negative impact on your business.
  • Phishing- confidential information is something that every business holds. From employee details to bank details, usernames and passwords, a phishing scam will try and expose that data and information.

How We Can Help You

Using a combination of our experience and security technology, our team will seek out and identify the virus and remove it from your device whilst minimising any damage that may have occurred. Once the virus has been removed, we can educate you on the steps you can take to prevent it from happening again.

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