When it comes to the tech support industry, there are a lot of ways for people to make shortcuts and provide support without too much thought. Whilst this type of practice is common, we believe it is our duty to offer you support which is both quick but also delivered to the very highest standards to meet your needs. In this blog we are going to be talking about just some of the ways in which we go the extra mile for our clients.


We supply businesses with a range of devices including laptops, computers and even phones. We think it is only fair that if your device breaks through no fault of your own, you should receive a replacement for no extra cost. As long as you are paying us for something, there will always be a warranty. If your computer from us decides to stop working, we’ll try our best to resolve the issue and if we can’t, you’ll get a brand new one.

Remote Control Servers

Our remote-control servers really do make maintenance so much easier. We install software in your servers so that we can control what they do from our offices. A great feature is the indication lights which we can operate. If your server has a small issue which could be solved by simply moving a wire, we can turn on a light on which will show you exactly which part needs to be moved. One of our experts will talk you through this over the phone meaning a quick stress free repair.

Data Backups

Whilst the cloud is a great tool for storing your data, it’s a risk for anyone to rely fully on it. We can ensure your data is completely safe with our backup service. We make the security of your data our priority and provide multiple backups. This will mean you can maintain full peace of mind when it comes to data.

For more information on how the team here at Abyte Computer Solutions can go the extra mile for you, call us on 01388 330985 or visit www.abyte.co.uk