So here are again for another round of ‘AByte of the Team’. After the last time I sent the same questions to the colleges around the office.

For the most part they were all busy doing their own thing, like you know, running a business. But after a week I’ve finally managed to get one of them to find the time to reply. And like the last time, you can see who it is by the title.

Our good friend, Connor Wild.

His position at our establishment is called a ‘Web Developer’. This title means that he is the one who develops and creates various websites for our clients. He then maintains them and ensures that they remain at the highest possible standard.

Between you and me, he likes to describe himself as the ‘creative genius’ of the company.

Okay, now that the small talk is over, let’s get into the reason why you’re here. To see a little into the enigma that is Connor.

Name: Connor Wild

Position: Web Developer

What is your favourite film?


What is your favourite animal?

Shih Tzu

(I never saw one until after he told me about them. Oh my god they are so cute!)

What is your favourite food?


What superpower would you have?

Time Travel

Where would you like to travel?


By Lewis Bainbridge
Digital Marketing & Administrator

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